Wholesale VoIP Termination

Try our International Wholesale Voice Services, with A-Z Terminations, low rates and best VoIP Routes. Benefit from cost-effective and high-quality voice connectivity, ensuring crystal-clear calls across the globe. Take your business communication to the next level with us!
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Discover the advantages of AOneVoIP's Wholesale VoIP Services.
International VoIP Routes
Expand your global reach with our comprehensive VoIP routes
Custom Tailored Solutions
Our team of experts can customize the settings to suit your needs
Full support
Reach out anytime for assistance from our wholesale voip team
Transparent Pricing
Leveraging direct vendor connections for unbeatable rates
Fast Onboarding
Simply provide your contacts and  the desired voip route 
Top-Notch Security
Our commitment: Best channels and data safety assured
What is VoIP?
oIP wholesale services refer to the business of
selling voice over internet protocol (VoIP) minutes
and services in bulk to other businesses, carriers,
or service providers. We offer a wide range of services:
 wholesale SIP termination, wholesale voice termination,
and VoIP routes, catering to your requirements
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How does our Wholesale VoIP works
Submit a request
Complete a form with details such as the destination country, your desired price, and contact information.
Receive an approval
We will contact you to discuss task details, choose the optimal channel, and configure the requested settings.
Set up the channel
After conducting co-testing, you will gain access to the account, with comprehensive information about the trunk.
Successful International VoIP solutions
Set up phone calls through a Tier-1 Operator
Our client wants to educate potential customers about earning money through wise investments on their platform. International VOIP providers and resellers offer calls to this destination at high rates, but we've partnered with a local operator to significantly reduce costs. As our client doesn't have a local entity in the Philippines, we've helped arrange a direct route, making their services more accessible and affordable.
No long-term solution
Prior to our client's request, they had been experiencing temporary, costly, and low-quality solutions for their needs.
Due to sharing the line with other users, our client faced a low ASR* (answered calls) level.
AOneVoip is able to open a new route within few hours
We achieve this by directly collaborating with VoIP providers and operators, enabling us to obtain ample direct routes and ensure a high-quality connection.
We carefully considered all the client's requirements and promptly set up the routing on the day of the request.
Only 1 day
was spent to set up the routing through a direct operator.
СPS increased
Thanks to our strategic approach of creating routing with multiple reliable vendors and backup routes, we have successfully increased and maintained a stable number of ports, resulting in a significant boost in the number of successful calls.
Our client was highly satisfied with the quality of service and route performance, leading them to send a new request for a VOIP channel to Russia. Currently, the client has 10 active trunks with a daily load of 50,000 minutes, showcasing the effectiveness and reliability of our solutions.
How to start?

To start using our international voip wholesale services, either register on our platform or contact one of our managers through the contact form. Share your technical details, such as your IP and codecs, and you'll receive the settings for a trial test. It's a straightforward process that allows you to experience the full potential of our offerings.

Will I get access to the CDR panel?

Yes, once you register on our voip wholesale platform or get in touch with our managers, we will provide you with the portal details along with the trunk settings. This way, you can access and utilize our services conveniently and efficiently. Feel free to explore and take advantage of all the features we offer to enhance your communication experience.

Which codecs do you support?

We support G.711, G. 723, G.729 codecs.

Do you support SIP or H.323?

We support both.

Is tech support available?

Absolutely! Our technical support team is available to assist you through various channels, including Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram, from 10 am till 2 am (GMT +5). If you need to reach them and don't have the contact details, don't worry! You can obtain them through your dedicated manager. We are committed to providing excellent support and ensuring that your experience with our services is smooth and hassle-free. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime you need assistance or have any questions. We are here to help!

How can I report an issue on the route?

You have to send examples of A and B numbers in Skype or via email.

Is it possible to get remote online help?

Certainly! Our team of experts is available to provide remote assistance through Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram from 10 am till 7 pm (GMT +5). If you require their help and don't have their contact details, don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated manager, and they will gladly provide you with the necessary information. We prioritize excellent customer support and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our services. Feel free to connect with us whenever you need help or have any inquiries. We are here to assist you!

What types of VoIP routes do you offer?

We offer CC, CLI, NCLI, TDM VoIP routes.

Do you provide DIDs/CallerIDs?

Yes, we provide Caller IDs.

Where can I check the offer prices?
You need to contact our manager. Additionally, we will send important notifications and updates to your email address. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to keeping you informed and providing excellent support throughout our collaboration. Don't hesitate to reach out to your manager whenever you have questions or need assistance – we are here to help you achieve success with our services.
How do you bill calls?
We have a fair billing policy in place, where calls are billed only after successful connections. Rest assured, you won't be charged for calls that do not get connected. This approach ensures transparency and accuracy in our billing process, providing you with the best value for your investment. You can confidently use our services, knowing that you will only be billed for the calls that yield results and contribute to your business success.
What billing increments do you use?
We use 1/1 , 6/6 , 30/6 — it depends on the destination. 1/1 is the most common billing increment.
What payment options do you use?
You can pay through PayPal, Bank Wire, USDT. The minimem payment: Paypal — 10USD, Bank Wire — 500 USD
Who pays the commission for the transactions?
The customer pays the commission for the transactions.
How long does it take to update the balance?
It takes from 20 to 30 minutes during the working times.
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