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Increasing the Number of Students at the Platform: Online School Case
  • Out of 7,000 clients only 8% received a call through another carrier
  • Less than 50 % of clients started their course on the platform
  • The price of the service of another carrier was 4 times higher than ours
Our client, an online school, faced several challenges in effectively engaging their clients. Despite having a substantial client base of 7000 users, only 8% of them received calls, leading to missed opportunities for communication. Additionally, less than 50% of clients initiated their courses on the platform, indicating a need to improve user onboarding and engagement. Another significant hurdle was the high cost of the VoIP carrier service, which was impacting their budget and profitability.
AOneVoIP managed to connect with 10,000 clients within an hour
Client’s leads were filtered through our system which positively affected the ASR and connectivity . The sip trunk was created within 20 minutes and was successfully tested by the client. We managed to work through such a huge amount of leads due to extended CPS and direct routing with the operator. The quality of the route’s performance is constantly maintained by the teach team which provides stable connection and huge client flow.
Only 1 hour
Within 60 minutes the whole data base was connected by the call center
More than 65 % of callees joined
With the implementation of our services, the online school witnessed a significant improvement in client engagement. More than 65% of the callees who received calls joined the educational platform and started their IT courses online. O
The pricing for our client was reduced by 40 percent
This cost-saving measure played a crucial role in making the services more affordable and accessible for the online school's clients.
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Help with Organization of a Call-Center: Online Herbal Shop Case
The client, an online herbal shop, was facing two major problems. Firstly, the cost of making calls through their existing VoIP wholesale vendor was excessively high, eating into their budget and reducing profitability. Secondly, their connectivity with clients was disappointingly low, with less than 15 percent of calls being successfully established. 
Expensive calls through another vendor
Connectivity with the clients less that 15 percent
AOveVoIP helped to organise call-center
AOneVoIP created a separate call-center configured routing for autogenerated calls and outbound calls for managers. Setting a separate cost-efficient routing via direct Mexican vendor and providing valid caller ids .
Over 2,000 generated autocalls per day
The solution implemented for the client was the use of generated autocalls. By leveraging this technology, the online herbal shop was able to initiate automated voice calls to their customers.
500 leads per day

As a result of implementing the generated autocalls solution, the online herbal shop experienced a remarkable increase in leads.
Profit increase by 65%
This impressive growth in profits solidified the effectiveness of the autocalls strategy as a key driver of the shop's success in the competitive online market.
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Set up Phone Calls Through a Tier-1 Operator
Our client needs to inform his potential customers about the process of earning money through wise investment on his platform . Intertantional VOIP providers and resells offer calls to this destination at a very high rate while we work through a local operator that helps us significantly reduce the cost. Our client doesn't have a local entity in the Philippines, so there was no opportunity to arrange a direct route without our help.
No long-term solution
Before our client sent a request to us, there had only been temporarily, expensive and low-quality solutions.
Our client had to share the line with other users, that is why the ASR* ( answered calls ) level was low.
AOneVoIP is able to open a new route within few hours
It is possible thanks to direct cooperation with the direct VoIP providers and operators. These providers give us large amounts of direct routes, so we can guarantee a high quality connection.
We took into consideration all the client's requirements and set the routing on the day of the request.
Only 1 day
was spent to set up the routing through a direct operator.
СPS increased
Thanks to the fact that we always create routing consisting of several relaible vendors and back up routes we manage to increase and keep stable the number of ports that boost the amount of sucessful calls.
Our client was satisfied by the quality of service and the route performance and sent a new request for a new destination- VOIP channel to Russia. At the moment the client has 10 active trunks with daily load of 50k minutes
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