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AOneVoIP is suitable for any business task

Conversational traffic

For call centers and any business with manual calling of the client base
The highest quality
route with the
substitution of your
or our virtual number
Route for calls of
any subject, without
number substitution
Used for important communications, such as customer support, due to its uninterrupted operation

CLI route

NCLI route

TDM route

Robocall traffic

For call centers and businesses that use PBX to make robot calls to customers
For call centers and businesses that use PBX to make robot calls to customers
Used to route a large number of incoming calls to available operators using DTMF technology
A robocall approach for outbound calls, often for sales or customer service

CC route

CC CLI route

Wholesale VoIP Routes: A-Z Terminations

Bulk buying and selling of VoIP pathways, offering cost savings and managing
large voice traffic volumes
Leave a request to open any country in 2 days
Leave a request to open any country in 2 days
Great Britain
Add country
Other Termination
South Africa

Connect your business to a high-quality
SIP trunk solution and get all the features


Only proven and current voice telecom providers


Flexible settings for your business tasks "turnkey"
Flexible settings for your business tasks "turnkey"

Low prices

Low prices
We constantly update the operator database to find the most profitable


All-in-one: The most popular countries, all types of routes and passing any traffic

Quick start

- Quick selection of a route to suit your request
- Opening any country in 2-3 days
- Many payment options
- High call speed - 10,000 calls per hour


- Technical support 24/7/365
- Bug Monitoring
- Accurate billing (1/1, 6/6, 60/60, 30/30)
- Help with setup
- Free route test


tested routes


open countries around the world


minutes per month

VoIP solutions for any field

Legal services
Online shops

How to start?

Leave a request

You need to fill in a form where you specify the destination country name, the desirable price and your contacts.

Get an approval

We contact you to clarify the task details, select the best channel and request settings.

Set up the channel

We make co-testing and you get access to the account where you can find full info about the trunk.


How to start?

You need to register on the platform or contact one of our managers through the contact form, share your technical details (IP, codecs) and receive the settings for the trial test.

Will I get access to the CDR panel?

Yes, the portal details are sent with the trunk settings.

Which codecs do you support?

We support G.711, G. 723, G.729 codecs.

Do you support SIP or H.323?

We support both.

Is tech support available?

Yes. You can contact with our tech support in Skype WhatsApp, Telegram from 10 am till 2 am (GMT +5). If you don’t have contacts, you can get it via your manager.

How can I report an issue on the route?

You have to send examples of A and B numbers in Skype or via email.

Is it possible to get remote online help?

Yes. You can get a remote help from our experts in Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram 10 am till 7 pm (GMT +5). You can get contacts via your manager.

What types of VoIP routes do you offer?

We offer CC, CLI, NCLI, TDM VoIP routes.

Do you provide DIDs/CallerIDs?

Yes, we provide Caller IDs.

Where can I check the offer prices?
You need to contact our manager. We will inform about any changes though the email and your manager.
How do you bill calls?
Calls are billed after the connection. Calls that are not connected are not billed.
What billing increments do you use?
We use 1/1 , 6/6 , 30/6 — it depends on the destination. 1/1 is the most common billing increment.
What payment options do you use?
You can pay through PayPal, Bank Wire, USDT. The minimem payment: Paypal — 10USD, Bank Wire — 500 USD
Who pays the commission for the transactions?
The customer pays the commission for the transactions.
How long does it take to update the balance?
It takes from 20 to 30 minutes during the working times.
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