The Philippines
VoIP Wholesale Termination

Embark on Unmatched Connectivity with The Philippines Wholesale VoIP Routes by AOneVoIP! Reap the advantages of budget-friendly The Philippines VoIP rates that finely balance affordability and top-tier quality. Let us identify the optimal routes on your behalf!
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Why Choose Philippines VoIP Routes from AOneVoIP?
Flawless Connectivity to the Philippines 
High-Quality VoIP Routes
Customized Offerings
Our VoIP routes for The Philippines come with tailor-made packages
Comprehensive Assistance
We swiftly address any queries  pertaining to our VoIP routes 
Affordable pricing for VoIP routes to The Philippines
The Philippines and Beyond
Our VoIP routes transcend geographical boundaries
Assured Security
Guaranteed data safety for our clients with the finest routes
Need Best VoIP Routes?
Your search concludes with AOneVoIP, your premier destination
for top-notch Philippines VoIP wholesale services. When it comes to
reliable and cost-effective VoIP routes in The Philippines,
trust us to meet your needs.
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How Do We Work?
Submit a request
To apply for The Philippines VoIP, just submit a request with your contact info — your phone number is enough!
Receive an approval
We will identify the optimal communication channel and configure the requested settings for you.
Set up the channel
Once the collaborative testing is finalized, you'll gain account access, coupled with comprehensive details.
How to start using The Philippines VoIP?

To initiate a seamless journey with our Philippines VoIP wholesale services, start by registering on our dedicated platform or contacting our skilled managers through the provided contact form. Share your specific technical details, including your Philippines-based IP and preferred codecs. In return, you'll swiftly receive customized settings for a comprehensive trial test. This straightforward and Philippines-focused approach ensures that you can effortlessly tap into the full potential of our offerings, experiencing top-tier communication solutions firsthand.

Will I get access to the CDR panel?

Absolutely, upon your registration on our VoIP wholesale platform or communication with our dedicated managers, we will promptly furnish you with the necessary portal information alongside the trunk settings. This comprehensive provision empowers you to seamlessly access and leverage our services with utmost convenience and efficiency. Take the opportunity to delve into and make the most of the array of features we provide, tailored to elevate your communication experience.

Which codecs do you support?

We support G.711, G. 723, G.729 codecs.

Do you support SIP or H.323?

We support both.

Is tech support available for the Philippines VoIP Solutions?

Certainly! Our proficient technical support team is at your disposal via a range of communication channels, encompassing Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram. They're accessible from 10 am till 2 am (GMT +5) to address your inquiries and concerns. If you find yourself in need of their expertise but lack the contact information, there's no need to fret! Your designated manager will readily provide you with the necessary details. Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering exceptional support to ensure your interaction with our services is seamlessly smooth and devoid of any hassles. Don't hesitate to reach out to us whenever you require assistance or have queries – we're here, dedicated to providing the guidance you need!

How can I report an issue on the route?

You have to send examples of A and B numbers in Skype or via email.

Is it possible to get remote online help?

Absolutely! Our panel of skilled professionals is here to extend remote support via platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram, operating between 10 am and 7 pm (GMT +5). Should you find yourself in need of their expertise without the means to contact them directly, don't hesitate to connect with your appointed manager. They'll be more than happy to furnish you with the essential contact details. Our foremost priority is delivering outstanding customer support, firmly committed to guaranteeing your contentment with our services. Feel at liberty to establish contact whenever assistance or inquiries arise – we stand by, ready to offer our guidance and aid!

What types of VoIP routes do you offer?

We offer CC, CLI, NCLI, TDM VoIP routes.

Do you provide DIDs/CallerIDs?

Yes, we provide Caller IDs.

Where can I check the offer prices?
Kindly establish contact with our manager.
How do you bill calls?
Our established billing policy operates on a fair premise: charges are incurred solely for successfully connected calls. Your peace of mind is paramount – any calls that do not establish a connection will not incur charges. This meticulous approach underscores transparency and precision in our billing procedures, guaranteeing optimal value for your investment. Feel confident in utilizing our services, understanding that you'll solely be billed for calls that generate results and actively contribute to your business's achievements.
What billing increments do you use?
We use 1/1 , 6/6 , 30/6 — it depends on the destination. 1/1 is the most common billing increment.
What payment options do you use?
You can pay through PayPal, Bank Wire, USDT. The minimem payment: Paypal — 10USD, Bank Wire — 500 USD
Who pays the commission for the transactions?
The customer pays the commission for the transactions.
How long does it take to update the balance?
It takes from 20 to 30 minutes during the working times.
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