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Why Choose VoIP CC Routes from AOneVoIP?
Reliable Call Quality
Clear conversations for seamless customer interactions
Advanced Features
call analytics, call recording, and real-time monitoring
Dedicated Support
We are available around the clock to address any queries or concerns
Save on operational costs with our cost-effective VoIP CC Routes
Global Reach
Connect with customers worldwide without any limitations
We allow your call center to grow as your business expands
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To apply for VoIP CC routes, just submit a request with your contact info — your phone number is enough!
Gain approval
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Upon the completion of collaborative testing, you'll be granted account access, along with detailed information.
What is VoIP CC?

VoIP CC (Voice over Internet Protocol for Call Centers) refers to the technology that enables call centers to transmit voice calls over the internet, allowing for cost-effective and efficient communication with customers.

How do VoIP CC Routes work?

VoIP CC Routes work by converting voice signals into digital data packets that are transmitted over the internet. These packets are then reassembled at the recipient's end to recreate the original voice signal.

What equipment is needed for VoIP CC?

To set up VoIP CC, you'll need IP phones or softphones, a reliable internet connection, a VoIP gateway or session border controller (SBC), and a VoIP CC provider like AOneVoIP to manage the routing of calls.

How is call quality maintained in VoIP CC?

Call quality in VoIP CC is maintained through various techniques such as Quality of Service (QoS) settings, bandwidth management, and codecs. AOneVoIP employs advanced codecs and network optimization to ensure crystal-clear call quality.

Can VoIP CC be integrated with existing call center software?

Yes, VoIP CC can be integrated with existing call center software through APIs and protocols like SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). AOneVoIP provides integration support to seamlessly connect your call center operations.

What about security in VoIP CC?

VoIP CC security is paramount. AOneVoIP employs encryption protocols like Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure voice data transmission and prevent unauthorized access.

Is VoIP CC scalable for growing call centers?

Absolutely, VoIP CC Routes are highly scalable. AOneVoIP's solutions can easily accommodate the growth of your call center operations, allowing you to add more lines and expand without compromising call quality.

What types of other VoIP routes do you offer?

We offer CC, CLI, NCLI, TDM VoIP routes.

Do you provide DIDs/CallerIDs?

Yes, we provide Caller IDs.

Where can I check the offer prices?
Kindly establish contact with our manager.
How do you bill calls?
Our established billing policy operates on a fair premise: charges are incurred solely for successfully connected calls. Your peace of mind is paramount – any calls that do not establish a connection will not incur charges. This meticulous approach underscores transparency and precision in our billing procedures, guaranteeing optimal value for your investment. Feel confident in utilizing our services, understanding that you'll solely be billed for calls that generate results and actively contribute to your business's achievements.
What billing increments do you use?
We use 1/1 , 6/6 , 30/6 — it depends on the destination. 1/1 is the most common billing increment.
What payment options do you use?
You can pay through PayPal, Bank Wire, USDT. The minimem payment: Paypal — 10USD, Bank Wire — 500 USD
Who pays the commission for transactions?
The customer pays the commission for the transactions.
How long does it take to update the balance?
It takes from 20 to 30 minutes during the working times.
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